Why Phantom Blocks

We have been regularly approached through our personal LinkedIn profiles, inviting us to join and contribute to diverse projects. Inspired by these opportunities, we made the decision to offer our bundled expertise under the umbrella name “Phantom Blocks”.

“As your trusted advisors, we specialize in navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape of the Web3 world. With our proficient guidance, startup-friendly approach, and brought international network we will help you to overcome challenges, prevent you from making common mistakes and reach new heights. Join us on the journey to unlock the true potential of your venture.”

– Phantom Blocks Team

Our Team

Awesome people behind us.


Dr. Clemens Chaskel


Together we have

With a diverse range of expertise spanning multiple fields, our team boasts extensive experience that enables us to tackle a wide array of challenges.

Access to a global network of VCs, talent, grant vendors, universities and more

20+ years experience in strategy, innovation & startup building ​